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Типстър Beavisbg изживя невероятна седмица, в която няма нито една грешна прогноза! 22 поредни верни футболни прогнози от понеделник до петък показаха невероятен нюх и точност в преценката на играча. В прогнозите се вижда тенденция за игра за гол за двата отбора. Разнообразието обаче се допълва от залози като двоен шанс, победа на нула, азиатски хендикап и други.


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Tuesday 19th May, 2020 SEO optimisation is continuing on all pages. I am coding for less than 400-pixel-width devices, 400-768-pixel-width devices and bigger than 768-pixel-width devices.

Wednesday 18th September, 2019 Move along! Server Tommy was down. Typology rules. OK! Once again I am moving the website and upgrading the CSS. Please use the email, blog comments or Line app (enbee) if you have problems. Sorry about the downtime.

Sunday 1st January, 2017 Happy New Year! I am moving the website again and upgrading the links and footer sections. Please use the contact form if you have problems. Sorry about the downtime.

Tuesday 8th December, 2015 Both the interactive lessons are back up and functioning. If you have any problems, please use the contact form to let me know. Sorry about the downtime.

Thursday 15th October, 2015 The latest newsletter has just been sent out. I am updating all the pages, getting rid of dead links, etc. My web host does not provide CGI script hosting so the interactive English pages will be unavailable for a while.

Nigel's News Page

Friday 14th November, 2003 Here is a technique to write email subject lines with content code information.


A special, Elucidated Normal Email [ENE] code is recommended and defined for email subject lines in high volume, commercial mailboxes to save readers' time. It consists of a primary, core name; a secondary, numerical code; and a tertiary, suffix code.


One of the problems with email safelists is the large amounts of emails that are generated and the problem of sorting through these can be very time consuming to say the least. If emailers used a simple technique when writing their subject lines then the addressees would be better able to quickly decide which ones are of interest and which to reject. This technique could be very useful wherever large volumes of emails are encountered, such as FFA users' mailboxes and web site support departments. Indeed, these support departments often resort to an enforced categorization of requests from their customers due to UCE etc. blocking their regular mail servers. They dictate their customers must use an HTML form or lose their mailings with the rest of the UCE that is rejected each day.

How then should we go about labelling our mailings? Subject lines vary but are usually about 60 characters long. In this space you need to convey as much information as possible or come up with a fancy, catchy slogan or phrase which will entice the reader to open the mail. This article does not deal with the creation of catchy advertising slogans but an ENE code can easily be placed after a slogan and it is perhaps here where the code will work best. Readers often struggle to guess what is inside an email with a slogan and the only answer is to open it and find out. With a slow connection in a busy, commercial mailbox this can be very wasteful and frustrating. With this new code added to the end of each subject line the reader can get a good idea of the content from just the subject line and and thus save much time opening unwanted emails.

If you are not using slogans then this author recommends a simple wording which should be reasonably understandable to most people and consists of using just the 'core' of the web site name or service which is the subject of the email or part email (see list A below).

List A to indicate the derivation of primary, core names

The author recommends the following technique to produce a useful subject line.
Use a text editor or email client which allows you to use square brackets. First, choose your primary core name or write your slogan (see List A above). Then choose the correct, secondary, numerical code for your email (see List B below). Finally, choose the tertiary, suffix code from (see List C below).

Then the actual ENE code is produced thus: after the slogan or primary, core name open square brackets; then a capital E followed by an optional capital N and E; then the number of the secondary code which indicates the type of content in the email e.g. 2, 5, 3 (see List B below); then a tertiary, suffix code e.g. a,i,j (see List C below) which indicates further the purpose of the email; then finally close the square brackets. The completed code should be placed at the right hand end of the subject window after the slogan or primary, core name of the website or service etc. This full code, then, is what I call ENE code (short for Elucidated Normal Email), and should be derived and used as outlined above. N.B. Subject lines should be pre-written with the correct ENE code and then copied and pasted at sending time into the subject line window of email clients or safelists' 'send email' pages.

List B to indicate the derivation of secondary, numerical codes

  1. Internet advertising or related content e.g. safelists, traffic exchanges etc
  2. Finance or related content e.g. multi-level marketing, randomizers etc
  3. Health or related content e.g. weight loss, anti-aging, health foods, medicines etc
  4. Shopping or related content e.g. malls, sales, special offers etc
  5. Other types of content e.g. unknown websites, list builders, affiliate programs, energy systems, geological, sport etc
  6. Combinations of the above

The tertiary, suffix code is placed after the secondary, numerical code to further elucidate to the reader what the purpose of the mail is about (see List C below).

List C to indicate the derivation of tertiary, suffix codes

N.B. Extra suffix codes can be added here as desired and readers should check this site to find out what they are.

Multiple subjects are supported separated, ideally, by a space or comma.
E.g. bigGmall [E1j], BigSafe [E2i], Fredbloggs [E4v]

Re: is supported.
E.g. Re: Fredbloggs [E1v]

Combinations of suffix codes are supported.
E.g. [ENE2aj]

Table A to show the derivation of ENE codes

Web sitePrimary core nameSecondary numerical codeTertiary suffix codeENE codeEmail message[ENE5j]Hi, Please join my dating service.
smallSafe.comsmallSafe1iv[ENE1iv]Mr Smith, Please login at smallSafe.
Fredbloggs.bizFredbloggs4v[ENE4v]Hi, Please visit our mall.
bigGmall.tvbigGmall4q[ENE4q]Mr Brown, Do you want these shipped airmail? and,adserv6va[ENE6va]Hi, for your video email - please check us out. for your complete advert solution.
Large.comLarge3u[ENE3u]Hi, Have you received our latest hair restoration brochure? Please reply.
TheBest.infoTheBest5i[ENE5i]Mr White, Here is your new, green, referral code.

Below is an example email with ENE code of: nigelbarksfield [ENE5u]

This was derived using the method outlined here.

Hi, (the email is not for a specific person so the tertiary code is a or u)

I saw your ad in the MLM ezine and I thought you might be interested in exchanging links (the reason for the email is to request a link exchange so the tertiary code is u). I have an English language correspondence course (the web site is concerned with education so the secondary code is 5) page at (the core name is in bold)

It offers courses on and offline especially designed to meet the needs of each student and costs US$26.57 but for this price you get a lifetime of support after the course is finished. You get a pronunciation tape and a certificate too.

Thanks for your time. If I can help any more please don't hesitate to ask.

Peace from Nigel Barksfield BSc MSc DIC TESL


Nigel's News Page

Thursday 22nd August 2002 I am currently updating this site after adding a new Thai page. Mariah has her new studio album due for release later this year (2002), her first on her new label...Def Jam Island Records. We are eagerly awaiting this album from arguably the best R&B singer in the world!

Saturday 14th July 2001 Monday sees the launch of 'Loverboy', Mariah's first single off her 'Glitter' soundtrack album, in the UK and the US. Please request it as much as you can if you want it to do well...Requests... and you can track it's progress in the UK Top 40 and the US Hot 100 here Charts Page. I am really interested in whether she will get her 16th US number 1. One Sweet Sixteen!!

'Loverboy' CDs are available from Esprit already and you can order a copy of 'Glitter' too.

Here is the link to a new site to me Mariah MM (Thanks Mariah Online).

Saturday 7th July 2001 I have been asked to mention that VH1 wants Mariah fans to write in and tell them why they are so devoted to her. Please send mail to Melanie Friske the associate producer.

Tuesday 19th June 2001 I have been asked to put up some links as Mariah's new single 'Loverboy' makes it's presence felt in the charts. requests and AMCF requests. Please check these out to get Mariah some airplay.

Saturday 19th May 2001 This site has just been updated with extra pages giving you an online store, insurance service and a dating service. Visitors who enrol for the dating service will be entered into a draw for a SONY WALKMAN. Please accept my apologies for any problems over the next few hours.

Wednesday 9th May 2001 UpcomingMovies have a short review of 'Wise Girls' which lists Mariah as a star. This will be her third part. Thanks also to MariahOnline for this news.

Tuesday 8th May 2001 From my MTV newsletter:

We're Taking TRL Out of Retirement CLICK Vote for your favorite retired TRL videos, and we'll air a special countdown later this month of your top choices. Here's your chance to take one last look, so make it count.

This week's MTV poll:

For MTV's next remake of 'Carmen,' which artist should play the title role?

Maybe Mariah should play this role or perhaps her Mom!!! I checked their site but could n't find the poll!

Monday 7th May 2001 There is a new painting in the art gallery called 'Enlighten' which may stay like it is or I may make some changes when I have more time!

I think it may look nicer with a darker background and a radial gradient centred on the bulb to give it a sort of halo effect. I hope you like it anyway.

I had a request from Butterfly Web MAIL or Butterfly Web website for some extra publicity so here is the letter:

'hi! I have started my own online Mariah fan community called Lambs Online. It is the only complete interactive online fan community for Mariah fans. It's a part of my website, Butterfly Web. LambsOnline inclues: The Lamb Talk Message Board- A nicely designed messageboard where you can chat with other Mariah fans. Not as many annoying ads, and you can use your FOMM username and password! The Lamb Room- A live java chatroom where you can chat directly with other Mariah fans. It doesn't take long to load like some java chatrooms do, and you get to choose your own nickname. The Lamb Book- This is an online fanbook that Mariah fans can sign with their letters or messages to Mariah. It is easy to use, you just fill out a form and your letter gets posted. The Lamb Exchange- Here you can buy/sell/trade Mariah stuff among other Mariah fans, and compare your collections. Lambs Online also includes many cliques and webmaster programs. Please mention Lambs Online on your website by posting this letter onto it. Lambs Online is all ready to go, except that we need people to see it, and you can help us make that happen! we will credit you, of course. So please mention this! be a lamb, would ya? Thank you! '

I also had an email from Mariah Inspires et al who want some extra publicity as well so here is their letter and a mailing address for your contest entries MAIL :

'Dear Webmasters, In our past letter we had mentioned a contest for the summer called Mariah Summer In The City Contest, so now that our Spring contest was won by AllMariah.Com, you can enter the Summer contest. This time, three people can win. We just need a little info. First and foremost if you apply, please put in the e-mail subject line, CONTEST ENTRY, or things of that nature, because I do not only run a Mariah Carey website, I run Mariah Inspires, and two other websites as well and I get so many e-mails a day, that it's hard to tell sometimes what it about what. So, we would dearly appreciate that. Next we of course need your URL. No site is not good enough, but we still like to reveiw the site and see what you have to offer. And we do have our standards to a certain extent. So be sure to include that. Next, give us your name and if you have a different e-mail address, other than the one you wrote to us with, please include that. You will then be sent the trivia question we ask to enter you into the contest. But don't worry Lamb's, it's not hard at all. You are all experts aren't you? Then thats it. The contest winners will be randomly picked June 29th and given a beautiful contest certification prize for their website, which was created by a pro. So, good luck to all of you and we will appreciate your participation. Also, if there are any webmasters kind enough to mention Mariah Inspires, our Mariah Carey fan book quest site, I and ButterflyWeb and MariahCarey.Nu would greatly appreciate it, as we all 3 are working together on that project. The URL is If there is any way you can help, it will be appreciated!'

Thursday 3rd May 2001 Mariah has her Internet radio station going at Mariah Radio playing a selection of music via Real Audio or Microsoft WindowsMedia.

Apparently, Mariah is the DJ and you can buy a selection of music playing from the radio page. When I checked it was working really well and great fun. I found the control buttons in the end to the left above the'CD buy' image. Excellent page!

Tuesday 1st May 2001 Please note the changes in the domain name for the commercial section of this site below which is pending final approval.

Saturday 21st April coming soon at a PC near you!! coming soon at a PC near you!!... is hoping to launch a new website in May, God willing, featuring some interesting services for existing and new users of is the commercial side of and will provide dating, page and graphic insurance and a store offering all of the Mariah Carey album reviews on CDROM that have been available on this site since it began.

The reviews are those found on the pink Mariah, 2, 3 and 4 pages of this site and should be available in four formats on the CDROM:
  1. EPOC ® Word,
  2. HTML (two versions for IE and Netscape)
  3. and Microsoft ® WORD.

Also available to order should be ROCKHOUND 'cards' by email and the full set of 50 on CDROM.

I am hoping to add three pages to this site and build a new site,, in the U.K. as well.

The CDROMs should hopefully be available here for just £10.00 plus UK£2.50 postage (plus a surcharge of US$2.50 for each secure purchase). Visitors who have sites of their own may have wondered about whether their pages are being copied and used elsewhere. Well, coming up is a new service which, for a small premium, offers some financial security against copying losses of text and graphics.

Having dutifully read your CDROMs and protected your web pages you might feel like a date so is introducing a dating service to get you some 'web cred'! This is a Christian service and hopes to build its client database and bring them together to enjoy a meaningful romance!

Mariah fans should qualify for a small discount for all purchases.

Tuesday 17th April 2001 Mariah's 'Hero' (Reviewed) is the song chosen for a lesson about heroes at I hope you enjoy yourselves with your studies!

Saturday 14th April 2001 Please note all you visitors with browsers that don't run scripts you can now search with the Google search box. I hope it may save time. Cool! I hope you all have a HAPPY EASTER.

Saturday 6th April 2001'All That Glitters' is now mentioned on Fox Movies Website. Thanks to Mariah Daily.

Here are some sites that might be useful to fans:

  1. Virgin Website
  2. Website
  3. Website.

Thursday 5th April 2001 I received news of this item from EspritInternational Ltd today (thanks Sophie). Anyone got a cool £300 spare? Nice!!

MARIAH CAREY Love & Dream (Rare Japanese 16-track DJ promo-only CD including Hero, Open Arms, Fantasy, Vision Of Love & One Sweet Day LiveVersion, in unique black and gold custom title sleeve! XACS-90032)


Wednesday 4th April 2001 Mariah has left another new voice message at confirming she has signed to a new label.

Tuesday 3rd April 2001 Reports are common among the Mariah4 that Mariah Carey has signed a new recording contract with a major record company, Virgin Records, ending her links with Columbia and Sony. Various sources report the deal came into effect on Monday 2nd April, 2001. I hope this is no April Fool joke - as yet I can find no sign of any official report on the Sony sites or the Virgin sites. She did, I understand, leave a voice message on recently during which she sang the lyrics 'I am free' (reviewed) from her 'Daydream' album.

But if this story is true I think it's champagne all round as she develops her already laudable career and maybe gets a view of the industry from a different perspective. This must be a great fillip to the music industry in general and we should be proud to have such a talented superstar associated with Virgin. Due to technical problems the news page could n't be updated normally until 4th April. The message board reported the news normally.

Saturday 24th March 2001 As I don't normally update until Tuesday evening here is Mariah's card for then. I hope you have a lovely day on the 27th Mariah!

[316k BIRTHDAY CARD] Hippy hoppy birthday!!!!

Tuesday 20th March 2001 Mariah has left another new voice message at Thanks to MariahDaily.

Songs of the century
The 365 top songs of the 20th century, as selected by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Recording Industry Association of America:
#351 One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey/Boyz II Men.(Reviewed)
[Excerpt of article from The Seattle Times. Thanks to Careyism and MariahOnline.
Great news Mariah!

Wednesday 7th March 2001 My web friend Regina at MariahDaily will hopefully be featured in the teen magazine Rap Up. I quote from her marvellous newsletter 'InfoMC'...

Well, I was just interviewed by a writer for Rap-Up Magazine, which is a brand new teen magazine hitting stands around May 8th. Basically I was asked about this website, why I am such a huge Mariah Carey fan, my favorite Mariah items and various other questions about MC!! I have to submit a picture of myself and my room by next week, also. I was contacted about this last week but I didn't want to say anything on this website in case it didn't workout!! Just a little cool information to share with you all, in fact!

She has put up some new photos of herself and her collection of Mariah goodies in the 'My Stuff' section of her site. Congratulations Regina!

Friday 2nd March 2001Esprit International Ltd. have a special10% discount offer for Mariah purchases.

Saturday 17th February 2001Mariah has left another new voice message at

Saturday 10th February 2001 Here is Mariah's Valentine card

for the 14th!...[39k VALENTINE CARD]

I hope all my visitors have a marvellous time with the ones you love this coming week.

Tuesday 6th February 2001 Mariah has left a another new voice message at

Saturday February 3rd 2001 Mariah has left a new voice message at
Mariah's new internet radio (see below) has been having technical trouble. Apologies for this.
There is a new site at Rhythmix telling of an idea headed by Mark Davyd which allows young people to join free workshops in and out of school. Funding is by the UK Government and music services for Surrey, Medway, East Sussex and Brighton and Hove areas.

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