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Welcome to NigelBarksfield.co.uk International Dating Service

NigelBarksfield International Dating Service offers its customers a reliable, but affordable Christian introduction service. My aim is to bring serious people together who wish to enter into a meaningful and worthwhile relationship.

For my regular service all I ask at this initial stage, while I am building the client database, is for you to fill out the form below as completely as possible and send it to me. I will look at your details, save them and endeavour to match you to other people on my files with similar interests as and when they become available. If I am happy with a match then I will contact you and ask for payment.

There is a charge of UK£30 for three email addresses.

When I have received payment I will send you your first email address.

I can show you how to set up an email account using a world wide web based service. This provides client safety during those first initial exchanges of your new relationship.

Exchange Rates? Yahoo! Finance
Exchange Rates? x-rates.com

Secure purchases by using Payza (email charorn at gmail.com), cryptocurrencies, Western Union, etc.

When you are happy with your chosen contact you can go ahead and exchange phone numbers, street addresses and so on.

If you are unhappy with your first contact then you may have another two email addresses for your initial payment. If you are unhappy with your three contacts then you may claim a full refund. If you require more contacts there will be a further charge of UK£5 for each address but I can't guarantee further contacts.

Due to problems with different browsers you have a choice of ways to enrol: you can click the email enrol and provide the details on the form below...
Name: Required username (maximum eight characters) *:

Required password (maximum eight characters 4 letters, then 4 numbers) *:
Required password again (maximum eight characters) *:

Email address *:




Zip/Post Code:

Country *:

Sex * [1k SEX PICTURE]: Picture of partner essential (Y/N):


Marital status *: Dependent children (Y/N):



Musical tastes:

Age: Physique: Height cms:

Other details you think your partner should know:

Your sponsor's referral URL:

Or you can enrol by fax....

U.S. residents fax from outside 509 area 15093561706.

Int'l residents fax (your int'l code)15093561706.

Again, please provide the details asked for on the form above.

Secure purchases by using Payza (email charorn at gmail.com), cryptocurrencies, Western Union, etc.

I will endeavour to process your application quickly, please be patient.

Please note I cannot guarantee that a contact will meet your requirements, but I will refund your payment if you are not happy with your partner.

All data held on my computer will be treated as confidential and not normally disclosed to anybody without your permission.

...NIGELBARKSFIELD.CO.UK DATING...an affair to remember......NIGELBARKSFIELD.CO.UK DATING...an affair to remember...

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