Date June, 2012

Hallo everyone,

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Deliverer Safe List Version 4

The Deliverer Safe List Version 4 download is now available. Prices are basically the same except for small changes due to currency fluctuations. You can also buy and download from

Deliverer Safe List Version 4 download DSNetwork Sendmail 9.99 Euros
Deliverer Safe List Version 4 download DSNetwork Socket 16.99 Euros
Deliverer Safe List Version 4 download DSIndependent Sendmail 29.99 Euros
Deliverer Safe List Version 4 download DSIndependent Socket 36.99 Euros

I have just updated my Sendfree autoresponder series, and I should point out that there are still two special offers available to readers. One is the 'Time Gentlemen, Please' deal whereby if you sign up at Deliverer Safelist at an exact time (join my list above to see the task in the autoresponder emails) EXACTLY, you qualify for a DSNetwork download no charge. Value $14.99. WOW!
The second special offer is if you perform a certain task (join my list above to see the task in the autoresponder emails), you qualify for 1,000 hits at TrafficG (while stocks last).

Version 4 is available now, but development work continues, and I am well on the way to Version 5. Deliverer Safe List now has a proper support system, and this will be available in Version 5.

I have just started developing the mobile marketing area. There is now a dedicated page under construction at mobile marketing. Please feel free to send an email to the safe list from your mobile phone. Just send the SMS to +660876945351 with your email address at the bottom of your message, and I will join you up (if you are not a member) and send your message to the safe list. Remember, we have addresses all over the world, and especially in Russia, China, the Middle East and India.

Ben Arai's Interactive English Lessons

Secondly, can I remind you of the interactive English lessons with Ben Arai?
There are ten multiple-choice questions and the software adjusts the questions according to your skill level as you do the lesson.
You can register your high scores if you like, and why not send me your views via the comments page?
Ben Arai and his friends can be viewed here: Ben Arai's interactive English lesson

Thirdly, there is still time to take advantage of my new acquisition of $1,400 worth of digital products.
You can get access to each and every item if you sign up for an English language course with NOW!
You can take a look at what is available here.

Here is my trusty, old competition with the chance to win a year's advertising in my newsletter, 3 critical decisions (subject to age and experience), 2 ROCKHOUND cards, a quotation for web page insurance and a lifetime Silver membership at Deliverer Safe List all no charge!

Competition details

  1. The OLD competition is split into two sections with one overall winner drawn at random by myself.
  2. Section one for children under 16; answer the following question:
    What is on Mariah's birthday card on my news page?
  3. Section two for over 16-year-olds; answer the following questions:
    What are the 16 points of the compass? What does GPS stand for? What is the ENE code for your newsletter and for your favourite email?
  4. Please put your answer in an email and send to 'Competition entry'.
  5. My decisions are final and good luck.


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