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Saturday 27th January 2001 have several polls running and I think Mariah should win the best diaphragm category and apparently she is n't, so if you think she has the best voice in the business you might want to vote if you have n't done so. Please remember songs like 'Someday', 'Vision of Love', 'All In Your Mind', Without You', 'All I've Ever Wanted' etc..

You can vote for Mariah here:
Best Diaphragm (Best Voice) VH1 polls.

Friday 26th January 2001 Terrific news has just reached me - Mariah now has her own internet radio station | OFFICIAL Radio Station. Here are some of the details sent to me:

The Mariah Carey Radio Station is finally here! However this radio isn't broadcasting 24/7, we broadcast LIVE every day 1 - 3 times with the exception of Sundays. Below are just the US times. Note: All times are eastern!

United States/North America/Canada
Monday - Noon - 1:30pm, 11:30pm - 2:00am ALL EASTERN TIMES! Tuesday - Noon - 1:30pm, 11:30pm - 2:00am ALL EASTERN TIMES! Wednesday - Noon - 1:30pm, 11:30pm - 2:00am ALL EASTERN TIMES! Thursday - Noon - 1:30pm, 11:30pm - 2:00am ALL EASTERN TIMES! Friday - Noon - 1:30pm, 3:30am - 4:15am ALL EASTERN TIMES! Saturday - 3:30am - 4:15am ALL EASTERN TIMES! Sunday - NO SHOW!

NOTE: In order to access the station you must go to the site, you will see an "ON - AIR" picture flashing and also a link to the station, if not then it will say "OFF - AIR" and not provide a link to the station.


Wednesday 24th January 2001 DMX music are running a rather nice competition for Valentine's Day. You have to describe in 150 words or less your perfect date. The ten best receive vouchers for flowers from Pro Flowers.

Thursday 18th January 2001
I'm not sure if this is really news but I checked out a site about Mariah's new film 'All That Glitters' - CLICK HERE- which had most of the freely available info and might be worth a visit. I read on the notice board that someone thinks her performance is worth an Oscar nomination! That a nice thing to state and very good news for Mariah fans!
Also there's a new voice message up on her Maroon web site

Monday 15th January 2001
Well just as Regina stated her new site is up at her new domain name Mariah Daily. She has n't changed it much and the current poll is about Mariah's pets! Yippeee!

Friday 12th January 2001
This news is from WildcatHG who runs 'Mariah's Too Cool' site:

Well they always say, "Change is good" and that is exactly what is happening to this website. Sometime within the next 3-4 days, I will be moving the whole website to a different name and when I do that, it will no longer be named WildCatHG's Too Cool Mariah Carey Page! The new name of this site will be "Mariah Daily!" The new address for this website will be
You might want to change your bookmarks/favorites for this important site.

Monday 1st January 2001
There is now a new page available from Mariah's page by a link Pop Charts. This gives you access to some of the charts of the world to follow her progress around the globe and hopefully there will be more to add soon. Many thanks to Atis Kluss at in Latvia who collated them all.
I've also added a Google search engine to the site for browsers which don't support scripts. This one is FAST!!!! and works with Yahoo! so it should be useful. Thanks Google.

Friday 29th December 2000
Mariah has left a voice message on her management's site basically explaining about the videos on the site being her gift to fans this Christmas.
In the absence of any official messages on her other sites it would appear that Maroon are taking over the responsibilities that Sony have held in the past. This makes a lot of sense and could be a sign that Sony are letting her go at the end of her contract which is soon. I can't help but toy with the idea that she might be considering turning Maroon into her own record company with her in charge! Happy New Year!

Saturday 23rd December 2000 Here is a special Christmas greeting I have received:

Thank you for your e-mail. :) Have a great Christmas and New Years!

}i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{
}i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{
}i{ One of Mariah's Angels
}i{ I fly high through the heavens on the voice of a Goddess.
}i{ I fight injustice and spread Her goodness.
}i{ They call me an angel, Mariah's angel.
}i{ There are many more just like me.
}i{ So won't you join us, lamb?
}i{ "Mariah, how do your angels get down like that?!"
}i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{
}i{ }i{ }i{ }i{ }i{


Friday 22nd December 2000 Today sees the relaunch of Mariah's management team's site at I will put this link on the index page for future use. Thanks to Elin for this news Mariah Online.
If you want to join my WEB RING for people with one page of Mariah Carey content click ONE HIT WONDERS and send me an email.

Saturday 16th December 2000 Mariah hopefully has a new CD available late December from Esprit International Ltd. which has two versions of 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', 'O Holy Night' live and 'Joy to the World' on it. The price is £17.99 but this is a wonderful combination of songs to celebrate Christmas especially that live version of 'O Holy Night' - track review. Can anyone tell me where and when it was recorded?

There is also a video to 'O Holy Night' which you can request at MTV website Total Request Live (TRL) page.

Saturday 9th December 2000 This is a true story.
There was a show at The Pool in the Park today, where I usually swim, called 'Aquamass Out of the Deep' which was basically Psalm 130 - De Profundis performed in and around the water! The flyer states

'world premiere of a unique work'.
Participating were singers, dancers, musicians and frogmen, with amongst other instruments, steel pans and percussion.
It was a collaboration between composer Robert Jacob, people from Bishop David Brown School, Woking Leisure Centre and others.
The project is part of the Regional Arts Boards 'Year of the Artist' Scheme with the assistance of South-East Arts, Woking Borough Council and Surrey County Council.
The flyer shows a boy playing the piccolo underwater in trunks and a trumpet player in evening dress! Needless to say I could n't get tickets!

Friday 8th December 2000 If any of you have any black and white photos of Mariah from about 1995 which you hold the copyright to and would n't mind me using on a CD about Mariah please let me know. EMAIL.
Also, if anyone out there has a web site with one page of Mariah content and is interested in forming a web ring please let me know. EMAIL.

Wednesday 6th December 2000 I have placed a poll on the music page to find out what you think of the tempo of the demo songs Angela and I recorded. I am especially interested in 'You 're Telling Me Boy'.

I've also placed some buttons on these pages so if you enjoy the site perhaps you could click on these and tell others. There may be a prize!!! Thank you.

Friday 1st December 2000 I have finished another painting; this time of Ezekiel's vision by the Kebar River. I think I have done reasonably considering the difficult technique. You must remember this does n't capture the point where the wheels are on the ground! I may have a go at that later! Visions are tremendously mobile and fluid sometimes (by rivers especially). Cheers!

Thursday 30th November 2000 I had an email from another Mariah fan in Japan called Kaori Shinohara and this is her website address Love Love Jack. Jack is the name of one of Mariah's dogs! It's a lovely site with lots to see and worth a look.

She sent a banner which I will hopefully put on the web page which will look great.
The Christmas decorations are going up!!! Thanks to my Quarks cafe buddies who helped with making them transparent. Hurrah!!!
Don't forget to go carolling and request those Mariah Christmas singles.

Monday 27th November 2000 I have updated the art gallery with two Christmas cards I painted recently. The collage is made from the packing of a pair of 'Goodmans' headphones which had the most exquisite wash from purple to pink I just had to use it for a card! It turned out beautifully I hope you agree.
I have also updated Mariah's page with a review of her 'Butterfly' album.
I've also decorated the site with decorations in strategic places which should help the festive atmosphere! I hope all my visitors have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hurrah!!!!!!!

[34k ANGEL] [34k ANGEL] [34k ANGEL] [34k ANGEL]

Wednesday 15th November 2000 I've decided to start a list of links to radio stations etc. that play requests starting with MegaFM which is a Dutch radio station that like Mariah. These I will put, for the time being, underneath the top ten on Mariah's page.
My club has just been disbanded due to personal problems but will now reform as an organisation. More anon. Pauline Li, one of the founders, has informed her members that she has found a new variety of pink hybrid tea rose which hopefully will be named after Mariah in honour of her services to Christianity and the music industry. This is indeed good reason to be cheerful!!!
Anderz kindly pointed out that there is a blue iris named 'Mariah' available from Schreiners.
It appears the comments form page is now working again. Thanks to Yuriko Kubota for the test. I've added a 'mailto' link which is quicker in some cases and may work better in some browsers.

Thursday 2nd November 2000 I have updated the web, movie, mariah and news pages today. Mariah's page now includes a review of her 'Daydream' album.

Saturday 28th October 2000 Mariah Online has moved to a new address which is Mariah Online. If you have bookmarked her old site you may want to change it.

Thursday 26th October 2000 Mariah has left another voice mail on her official site in reply to Howard Stern.

Monday 23rd October 2000 I got my 'Around The World' DVD today from Britannia Music Co. Ltd. which is great. It also has four bonus videos on it which may be worth checking out if you're not sure whether to buy it.

Monday 16th October 2000 When I first got my computer and modem last Christmas I chose One2One (Mercury Personal Communications) as my service provider because they looked the best on paper regarding fax and data tariffs. I thought I would get a lot of my data calls for free after 7 p.m. in the evening which was great news. You can imagine my dismay, then, when One2One did n't read the tariff regulations the same way I did and would n't allow me free data calls to my ISP. So the charges for most of my emails and Internet research for my website (a lot of which had to do with Mariah Carey, her songs, The Bible, an anthem and a movie script about the biblical king, David) all came to quite a large bill or two!

I grudgingly paid up and have got used to it now so I was delighted to read an article in the local paper 'The Surrey Advertiser' recently that One2One had very providently agreed to help pay for regilding the angel on top of Guildford cathedral church because they rent aerial space on the tower where she flies! See picture below.


All's well that ends well!
I've updated Mariah's page with my review of her 1991 'Emotions' album.
I've started a message board accessible from the home page. You're comments and answers, or whatever, are welcome. The comments page appears to be not working at the moment. I am looking into the problem.

Wednesday 11th October 2000 Mariah and Westlife are number 1 again in the FM104 Dublin, Eire charts with 'Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)'.
Mariah and some of the cast left a voice message on her official site saying she was enjoying the last day of filming 'All That Glitters'.

Friday 6th October 2000 Mariah's new DVD 'Around The World' is now available from Britannia Music Co. Ltd. at £19.99 regular price £14.99 bonus price. This has highlights of her recent 'Rainbow' world tour.

Sunday 1st October 2000 Hooray! Hooray! They stay at the top for another week!

Sunday 24th September 2000 Hooray!!!!!! They did it. Mariah and Westlife got to number 1 in the U.K. giving her her second U.K. number 1 hit and Westlife's sixth.

I updated the movie page with another excerpt from 'David'.

Friday 22nd September 2000 I've just bought Mariah's new single at £3.99 and here is a quick review.

  1. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (Mariah Carey Featuring Westlife) 3.21
    Produced by Mariah Carey and Steve Mac.
  2. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)(Pound Boys Main Mix) 9.09
    Remixed by DJ Craig C & DJ Dealer.
  3. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)(Mariah Only Version) 3.21
    Produced by Mariah Carey and Steve Mac.
  4. Westlife Interview (CD Extra Video Version)
    Written by Phil Collins this song was featured on Mariah's 'Rainbow' album but she sung on her own. Here the queen meets the five princes as this recording features Westlife as guest vocalists and what a classy piece of pop it is. The overall production is extremely professional - simple but well thought out with co-producer Steve Mac on keyboards.

    The first half is basically Westlife and Mariah taking it in turns. But the second half is more interesting as Westlife sing some nice backing vocals which add a whole new depth to the song.

    Whatever is said about it this single it will make a nice addition to your collection of Westlife and Mariah records.

Thursday 21st September 2000 Mariah leaves another message on her official site saying she will be in New York soon.

Monday 18th September 2000 Mariah and Columbia finally release 'Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)' featuring Westlife in the U.K.. This is a cover of the Phil Collin's song first featured on Mariah's current album 'Rainbow'.

I heard on London's Capital radio that Dr Fox thinks it's highly likely it's going to be number 1 on Sunday's Pepsi Chart Show. So there is a strong chance that she will get her second number 1 after 'Without You' got to that position in 1994 (source Guinness British Hit Singles). Hooray!!!!

Mariah left a message on her official site saying she has had fun and success filming in Toronto and will soon be back in New York to finish the job.

Thursday 14th September 2000 Anyone interested in acting as an agent for me, Nigel, in any country (apart from the U.K.) in an Internet service category please let me know. I will pay you per page visited. You will have to email a report. Work is at home; the market huge.

The search engine is now working properly.

Thursday 31st August 2000 The site is officially open from today. The site search engine is now up and running. Users are reminded that any search for a word in the links bar will produce a great number of results which are largely erroneous. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

Sat 19th August 2000 Mariah's page updated and new pictures added to site.

Mon 14th August 2000 Mariah leaves a message on her official site saying she is enjoying filming in Canada.

Mon 24th July 2000 Filming is supposed to have started this week on Mariah's new film 'All That Glitters'.

Mon 17th July 2000 Mariah's 'Against All Odds' slips to 5 in the Israeli charts. Unofficial source.

Mon 10th July 2000 Mariah's 'Against All Odds' slips down from 1 in Israel's Radio 1 charts. Unofficial source.

Sat 8th July 2000 Mariah's new single 'Crybaby/Can't Take That Away' is falling slowly from it's 28 peak position in the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Nigel is working on the movie script for 'David' and this web site.

WEBPG.NET have been awarded the web hosting contract.

Mon 3rd July 2000 Against All Odds reaches number 1 in the Israeli Radio 1 charts? Fact or fiction?

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