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Terms Welcome to the home of my Critical Decision Consultancy, part of the services.
Safelist For many years Nigel Barksfield has been involved with decision making and this page is to offer the
service to industry and commerce the world over. In today's modern commercial world where the
Rates frontiers of knowledge now extend many parsecs from Earth, it's imperative that critical decisions
Lycos are made swiftly and efficiently to remain competitive without resorting to excessive financial borrowing.
Contact This consultancy may offer an attractive alternative to the traditional board and CEO infrastructure
Bitcoin so common in the business world of the 20th century. Using time honoured techniques CDC can offer its
Dogecoin clients a service which should enhance the decision making policies of their boards, and enable smooth
Rotator transitions from project to project even on a Solar System wide scale. No problem is too large or too small.
Leads for CDC. From the sedimentology of NASA's Martian rock collection to website design; from Messianic
Tynt secrets to offshore banking - CDC offers you the same integrity of service that brought visitors:
TrafficG * Web page and graphics insurance
Re-cycle * English distance learning
Content * Introductions service
Email* Album reviews
* Electronic Christmas cards
If you think that your company could benefit from the guidance of an external authority then the next step is to
send an email (encrypted if necessary) to me with
  1. your name,
  2. position in your company,
  3. name of company,
  4. business,
  5. email address,
  6. fax number and
  7. street address.
outlining the decisions you want CDC to make... Email CDC. CDC will then examine your request and reply as
soon as possible. Your details will not normally be revealed to anyone without your express permission.
Please note that great care will be taken to ensure CDC's clients are completely satisfied with the service they
receive. Critical Decision Consultancy will act in good faith but cannot be held responsible for any disagreements
caused by its recommendations.

Fax number for U.S. residents (from outside 509 area): dial 15093561706.

Fax number int'l residents: dial (your int'l code) then...15093561706.

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Critical decision consultancy page created 2nd December, 2002.