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The world wide web or www is basically a collection of electronic information stored as 'files' on computers or servers all over the world very similar in concept to the familiar paper files in an office.

To enable many users to share the information a strict protocol was developed to allow easy access. This was called hypertext transfer protocol or http and is used at the start of an http address to uniquely identify a storage area, a folder, a directory or a file stored on a computer somewhere in the world e.g.:

The latter part of the address is my domain name and delineates a section of server space allocated to me.

What makes the www tick are hypertext links embedded into the text of files seen on the computer screens which trigger computers to communicate with each other using http. These links are activated by tapping with a pen, clicking with a mouse or pressing a tab or return key etc..

So instead of just shuffling your own folder of files on your own desk you can shuffle other peoples files too!

To move around this site use the arrow keys, mouse or pen to place the cursor over a link which is underlined and normally (but not always) blue and then click the left hand mouse button or press return (or tab) and wait.

The computers should start to communicate and the selected page or file should become available to you.

There is a 'button bar' of links at the top of each page which lists the pages available. These are for quick and easy navigation around the site.

You can press the back or forward buttons on your browser to review pages you've already visited which should be stored or cached in your computer's memory.

Your browser may load images automatically in which case there maybe some delay while they load. For machines which are n't loading automatically there is a brief caption in each image window to tell you what you're missing. There may also be a figure to tell you the size in bytes of the missing image.

To listen to the RealAudio files on the music page you need to download the RealAudio software from the RealAudio site by clicking on the RealAudio link here or on the music page.

If you can't read the text it may be necessary to alter the encoding options with your browser. With Internet Explorer select 'View' and then 'Encoding' and then select 'Thai' or 'Western European'. You can also download a text support file from a site in the language you are trying to read. This may take several minutes.

Specialized topic questions

  1. Can I send mail from the Deliverer Safelist mail page?
  2. Can you open a bank account in another country for me?

Specialized topic answers

  1. Can I send mail from the Deliverer Safelist mail page?
    Of course you may, but you must sign-up at Deliverer Safelist first.
  2. Can you open a bank account in another country for me? doesn't offer this service as most banks, if not all, will need a specimen signature which only the customer can provide.

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