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has registered a high score at Ben Arai's interactive English page.

Can you score 10/10 in interactive English with Ben Arai or Doc Long?

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ما هو علاج أعراض الانسحاب dareltaafy

Needing a career to start a new life and a new millennium in Thailand led me to language tuition.
This course features...

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How can I help you?
I was born in England and have a B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree from the UK and a more recent TESL qualification from Canada certificate here. I have 18 years' work experience with young and adult English language students in Thailand, Asia...career resume.

The first step in learning English with me at NigelBarksfield.co.uk is to send your name, nationality and email address (please use the Firefox browser)


Welcome to English Language Tuition at NigelBarksfield.co.uk

(Please, use the Firefox browser)​ Name:
and I can then send your first NigelBarksfield.co.uk task which is an entrance test. Please note that

your name and address will not normally be revealed to anyone else without your prior permission.

After completing this entrance test, students are assured of a position on a course that's tailored to their needs. If you already know some English, then I won't waste your time teaching it again. If you require knowledge of English in certain specific topics such as the Internet, university, supermarkets, etc., all you have to do is send the entrance test back to me here at NigelBarksfield.co.uk and you can proceed with your studies.

Students can work at their own speed and will receive as much online help as they need to pass the course. Simply send an email stating what your problem is and I will reply as soon as possible.

At the end of the course you take an exam and are issued with a certificate.

Here is a wordsearch puzzle
NigelBarksfield.co.uk WORDSEARCH puzzle

How many English words can you find in the horizontal and vertical directions only?

Here is a crossword I designed with a student. Good luck!

NigelBarksfield.co.uk CROSSWORD

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Course features and my certificate

NigelBarksfield.co.uk My TESL certificate from Worldport ESL
NigelBarksfield.co.uk My TESL certificate from Worldport ESL


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