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Question One Language Focus:

Using signal words/transitions/linking words to add coherency to English text
in the context of first aid for bleeding.

Question One Instructions:

Please select the correct words, and then press 'Submit Your Answer'.
First aid for a bleeding casualty.

, check for dangerous obstructions and live electricity supply in the area
around the victim(s). If possible, clean your hands.
Ideally, victims are best dealt with lying down.
Call the emergency services, or have someone else do it.

, remove clothing from around the wound(s).

, place a sterile dressing pad to cover the wound(s) (and any
embedded object); or use a piece of lint-free material. Gently, use firm pressure
on the pad (not on any embedded object), or encourage the victim to apply the
pressure himself/herself. You might also raise the limb above the level of the heart.

, if the bleeding continues, you can add pressure to nearby arteries;
and/or intermittently apply a tourniquet.

, check and maintain the victim's body heat.
From time to time, check the victim's vital signs.
Be ready to use resuscitation.


Doctor Long's Interactive English language course for nurses

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