by Nigel Barksfield.

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Tea plantation, North Thailand


Baking concrete, bricks and glass;
Parched and withered tufts of grass;
Dried-up blades on sun-drenched lawns;
Street-sore dogs easing yawns;
Shimmering heat blast bends the air;
Wrinkled faces passing stares;
Zephyrs play round the trees;
Then slowly turn to welcome breeze;
Windchimes tinkle, mobiles chatter;
Their song of songs asks, 'What's the matter?'

The breeze becomes a stinging blast;
Lifting, shoving, banging past;
Before it surge a trillion grains;
Whisked up from the driest drains;
Lightning bolts and thunder crashes;
Flickering power and mighty smashes;
People start and clutch their things;
And gather up their packs with strings;
Amidst the growing thunder calls;
At last the raindrops splash the walls;
Licking, chasing, cooling roads;
Pounding, bouncing, splashing loads.

Wet Kisses

Loving you should be so easy
That much I know.
Hold me don't ever leave me don't let go
Just don't let me go.
Im longing to give one of these wet kisses of mine
I mean the sort that make all true lovers feel fine
So won't you say yes and then you'll be mine
Then our two bodies can sweetly entwine.
I'm longing for one of those wet kisses of yours
I mean the sort you keep telling me ensures
Your body is mine and my body yours
Our love is for keeps as hearts do implore.

You're Telling Me Boy

You're telling me boy
Here comes the rain
You're telling me boy
Love takes the pain
You're telling me boy
Don't let me go
You're telling me boy
I love you so.
Why can't you write me
Why can't you call me
Why can't I be with you
Don't you know I'll be true
Oh let our lips touch
Love does n't cost much
Let fingers explore
As our hearts do implore.
Why do you fight me
Just kiss and tell me
Lie down here by my side
For your love I have tried
Your body so near
Takes away all fear
Our cares fade away
So let's lay here all day.

She Will

She will give birth to a Son
Jesus was His name and in a stable was born
Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi
God is light, God is love, God is peace.
Oh come large and small
Sing this song one and all
Tell the world how you feel
At His name you will kneel
Love His light love His might
Strive for right in His sight
Oh come large and small
Sing this song one and all.
Pray the Lord that you find
In His words peace of mind
Keep the faith all the while
And in hope you can smile
Do not swear keep your cool
Save you heart in the pool
Pray the Lord that you find
In His words peace of mind.

Toxin Blues

I woke up this morning alone
Then a nigging and nagging starts in my brain
I remember Jeremiah page six fifty-four
It was just those toxin blues again
It was just those toxin blues again
So my carbon-dioxide go find a nice green tree and stay there.
I go about my business just like any other man
But toxin wind-ups happen until I see my girl
It seems like only love can keep me feeling well
It was just those toxin blues again
It was just those toxin blues again
My toxins tell me you're ugly as can be
So I'll just keep breathing until your beauty see.
How long is a toxin chain? How fast is a train of thought?
I'll just get off with my girl, together we can walk
It seems like only love can keep me feeling well
It was just those toxin blues again,
It was just those toxin blues again
My toxins tell me you're ugly as can be
So I'll just keep breathing until your beauty see.

Millennium Blues

How long can we love like this alone?
Thirteen's unlucky for some I bemoan
Whatever's in store for these low years?
Maybe 2000 will yield few fears.
Dreams of nicer times mature and evolve
Only to be thwarted against my resolve
Taken by a fool in mad desperation
To crush and oppress any faint admiration.
As the midnight hour comes around
Babe my heart starts to pound
Don't let our love ever die
Like the rockets in the sky.
Oh Satan can you not return to hell?
And stay there where to them you fell
In darkest Abyss to moan in vain
Instead of adding fear to pain.
2000 - will it simply come to nought?
For precious couples whom are sought
2K or not 2K we question here
Made doubly grand by the Spirit near.
The gift poured out by the Lord of Earth
To whom we turn in times of dearth
Who helps us in our routine strife
Will help us build our love of life!
You come to me with a Cristal flow
And stand right there in a breather low
Highlight of the year so far
Highlights in the sky so dark.


Garage version
Original electronic sample
I wrote you an email to tell you my love
Connect, connect, connect; (vocoder)
It sure isn't hype
You 're just my type
You 're the most beautiful girl in the world.
Dial up, use 'r name and pass word which is love
Dial up, use 'r name and pass word which is love
Fingertips, fingertips, changing keys
Connect, connect, connect,
RTS CTS DTR (vocoder)
I'll send you a fax to draw your attention
I'm doing my lines
Save outgoing message (vocoder)
Oh baby can't we make it our way
Oh baby can't we love us this day?
Dancing without you makes me feel blue
When will this dark foreboding
Turn into light
To warm us both daily
And remove all the wrong?


(Spoken introduction)
Dark and green beneath my feet
Live ivy leaves green and neat
Creeping slowly sprouting lowly
Five-rayed stars veined and complete.
Ivy you play with me like a toy
But I am still your lover boy
Take to me and come again
For you are soft like falling rain.
That night I loved you 'neath the trees
I left my Mum and lived for free
You held me in your arms that time
And that was no fierce twisted crime.
Your lips were softer than the breeze
You quickly had me on my knees
Begging you to be my wife
And spend our time to make a life.
Now we are together more
Our hands are joined which thus ensures
Our love grows like a giant tree
And Ivy on the floor makes three.

Pillar Talk

Oh when will this curse of darkness be driven from my life?
Glory be to good by day and thanks to her my wife
Short straws, slick bricks and buddy snakes
Add sadness to my strife
Add sadness to my strife and temper to my knife.
From the desert distance like a mirage flow
She wandered up one day just past and I could not say no
Dusty kisses, joyous laughing, huge great hugs
Add sweetness to my life
Add sweetness to my life and I love her so.
We just wanna make love together
We just wanna wed
So let us go and live as two
No matter what the weather.
We gaze across the water
And climb a grassy dune
A sail plays on the gentle breeze
Which swirls around His daughter.
Hail flies like dust
Momentous upheaval
Juxtaposes melancholy.
Miracle men make off
To occupy their land
With sacred authority.


You escape to a world of love in a script
Is God the director or us?
Your role is an angel with beauty like light
And wings that cannot be clipped.
Chorus (use vocoder)
Babe I wanna give you the
Right ring with the right head
Don't drop me down at the video store
I wanna give you more than just a
Handshake and a red rose
So can I call you online for evermore?
Repeat chorus
The trailer ends, the lights go down
My girl's hand's in mine
The pop and corn both start to show
As you begin your lines.
I still can't tell which one is acting
Will your eyes tell it all to me?
How can you work with us down here
Hoping for matrimony?
Chorus X2
You think I'm beaten at my own game
But if I wasn't playing what then?
The only thing that I suggest
Is simply to go round again.
411 is really very precious
And should be quite complete
I know you like the back of this hand
I suppose you've just swapped seats!


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Lyrics page created 15th June, 2000.