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English Language Training To Earn Money Online

At last! Complete training to help you earn money online with WeShareAbundance.

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arrow rightDid you know that English is spoken by 300+ million people around the world? It is one of the most spoken languages in the world according to Did you also know that you can learn English with an experienced tutor, online - at your own place? Are you in quarantine,  locked down at home, isolated or just in hospital and wondering how you are going to pay for your next meal? All you need is an internet connection, some sort of text processor, e.g. a smartphone, tablet computer, notebook computer,  or personal computer, £19.16, and enough time 
- at your own place, at your own pace! You can choose your preferred method of study -  Line app, WeChat, Skype, emails, WhatsApp, Zoom etc.

Now, here's the best part! You won't have to pay the £19.16, no, not a penny, until you have personally been paid  £19.16 into your very own private money account from one of my recommended programs. I recommend joining WeShareAbundance to start with, and then I am going to train you after that.  

arrow right I, Nigel Barksfield, have been offering English courses for home study since 2002. Part of my marketing efforts involves building interactive lessons and web pages to give prospective students a chance to get involved with studying English online; a chance to whet their appetites for a bigger helping of English, and accept the  challenge to learn more at My latest training course is designed specifically for  people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic who would like to take the opportunity to improve their English so that they can  earn money online more easily at one of the numerous, new websites that are designed to help people establish some kind of  internet income. I understand that, to many non-native speakers, earning online is difficult because they do not understand English  and cannot produce good English to ask questions to find explanations about how to do things to earn money. People like these need to 'learn, then earn'.

arrow right I can help you to learn about a new website called WeShareAbundance which has been in prelaunch since early 2020. It is in  the final stages before the 19,000, or so, active members launch the platform to help people survive the pandemic and make  some useful cash to pay for everyday expenses.


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English Language Training To Earn Money Online

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