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[22k MIRACLE] Miracle showing deck detail


I designed and built this model yacht in white with red trim. She is approximately 28"/0.7m long and 36"/0.9m high. Her rudder, auxiliary engine and sailwinch are radio-controlled.

She features:

  1. Bermudan rig,
  2. twin keels,
  3. mainsail with slab reef,
  4. roller reefing working jib,
  5. aluminium mast with single cross-tree,
  6. functioning navigation and interior lights.
  7. Detailed fittings include:
    1. pilot, life-raft, buoyancy aids,
    2. wheel, anchor, lifelines,
    3. flag, radar reflector, anemometer,
    4. wind vane, boathook, gauges,
    5. ladder, swim deck, toolbox,
    6. grab rails, winches, bollards.

She was fitted with two-channel radio gear and a simple electric motor and gearbox were fitted with two winch pulleys and mounted in an old sandwich box. The sheets were attached to closed loop control cables and exit from the cockpit and front hatch for the main and jib sails. One stick controls winch and motor and the other rudder. There is some fairly complex "switchery" in the rear to get two functions from one channel. But it works OK and as you should be able to see, she sails well.


Slingsby Kestrel

My 1/4 scale glider is an all-white semi-scale replica of the Slingsby Kestrel. It has a glassfibre fuselage with foam/veneer/glassfibre/Kevlar wings and tail surfaces. It has a wingspan of about 22'/7m. It has radio-controlled ailerons, elevators, rudder, airbrakes, undercarriage and tow release. It also has a detailed cockpit with gauges.

Its majestic span means it takes two people to launch it from the hills! It weighs about 24lbs/11kg and needs a decent push but once airborne flies like an albatross. I've looped it and the wings did n't really flex much at all. It doesn't even begin to lose height in any sort of buoyant air and those brakes are really useful!! All in all a truly beautiful and magnificent aircraft which lives up to all expectations.

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