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Ad service Eine moderne Badgestaltung bedeutet meist auch, eine Duschtasse flach einzubauen. Duschtassen gibt es in vielen Varianten und Formen.
I would like to know if there is any demand for plastic kites with your logo printed on. They would normally be square, with two plastic struts and a plastic tail for stability. String would be supplied. Various colours would be available.

I have a very small, green kite made from tissue paper with a double tail. It uses cotton for string, is labelled "World's Smallest Kite" and is a classic shape with struts about a millimetre thick. It flies very well in just a puff of wind, and you can keep it in your pocket for those occasions when you have nothing better to do! The address on the pack is:-

WsK Branchfield House Ballymote Co Sligo EIRE

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MARCH 2004 Thanks are due to my students at Minburi School, Thailand. I was given a much larger cobra kite at the end of term but as yet haven't flown it. Thanks again to all concerned and I promise I will try to keep it out of the puddles!

I have finished my own white, plastic and bamboo effort with a long, string tail. It flew first time but didn't like the gusty conditions on the roof of the condominium where I live much! I hope to try it someday in smoother conditions.

2002 I also have a small kite with a cobra snake on it which I bought in Thailand and it flew quite well early in 2002 at Sanahm Luang. There were many people flying at the same time which made it a very interesting day. I have also found a supplier of sheet plastic so I won't have to put up with crepe and tissue becoming soggy in the rain puddles. Good luck!

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