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Welcome to the j u s t i c e service page! This is's answer to the problem of no traffic and no customers. This page is all about Internet justice! Do you feel that you deserve more customers? Do you feel that you've put more into the web than you're getting back? Tired of empty messages and promises? This page might be the answer.

This j u s t i c e service is open to all people who have signed-up for an Internet service or paid for something on the Internet and yet have had no sign-ups or customers at their own site for six months or more. You must have a fully working, customer-ready web site and at least one proof of purchase or proof of sign-up to join.

Send me an email here outlining your problem, or complete the form below

Email address:
Zip/Post Code:

and afterwards I will inspect your site. may, at its absolute discretion, recommend changes to your site to help you get the customers you need. Then, if you qualify,

there will be a charge of US$25.50 for the justice service payable in advance by cheque, credit card at Payza (email charorn at, Western Union or cryptocurrencies.

I will then add your site address to my database and it will be passed to other members who will decide whether what you offer is of interest to them. It is at this stage that you will get the sign-ups and/or purchases which you lack. You qualify for as many customers at your site as you have proofs of purchase or proofs of sign-up at any [but see Terms] Internet web site at the time of joining the justice service. For example, if you have signed-up for a service you qualify for a sign-up at your site. If you have two proofs of purchase at other sites you qualify for two purchases at your site and so on. I cannot guarantee an immediate response but I will endeavour to get you customers as soon as possible. Clients who sign-up at will be eligible for special offers as they become available.


Due to the complexity of the service my decision is final. There is a limit of 20 customer additions per member. The value of purchases made at members' web sites cannot be guaranteed. A sign-up is considered a service that doesn't incur any direct charges by a webmaster/mistress to a customer, such as a newsletter subscription, a registration or membership etc.: whereas a purchase is considered a transaction that incurs a direct charge by a webmaster/mistress to a customer for goods and/or services; such as a CD or submission service.

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J u s t i c e service page created 27th February, 2003.

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