Doctor Long's interactive English page for nurses

At last! Doctor Long's interactive English lesson for nurses (and other medical professionals).

Friday, 26-Apr-2019 13:51:51 GMT

arrow rightDid you know that English is spoken by 300+ million people around the world? It is one of the most spoken languages in the world according to Did you also know that you can learn English with an experienced tutor, online - at your own place? All you need is an internet connection, some sort of text processor, e.g. a mobile device, tablet computer, netbook computer, notebook computer, or personal computer, $26.57, and enough time
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arrow rightI, Nigel Barksfield, have been offering English courses for home study since 2002. Part of my marketing efforts involves building interactive lessons and web pages to give prospective students a chance to get involved with studying English online; a chance to whet their appetites for a bigger helping of English, and accept the challenge to learn more at My latest interactive lesson is designed specifically for nurses. I am sure that I am like most people, and have respectful feelings for the medical profession in general, and nurses especially, so I felt it would be completely in order to dedicate my latest lesson to all those in the medical profession striving to learn English. Nurse's interactive lesson

arrow rightI have used language in the context of nursing in all the ten questions, in the hope that it will provide a familiar backdrop, either now, or in the future, for all those who use it. As with my first interactive lesson with Ben Arai, you can register your score, and request further contact if required. The software also automatically adjusts the difficulty of the questions as you answer, to make your lesson more enjoyable.


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